The mysterious beauty of bucolic Greek islands is rarely wasted on anyone, with millions of visitors coming here on a yearly basis and more often than not, returning to see their favorite islands again.

It is then no wonder that aspiring newlyweds more and more commonly decide to have a Greek Island honeymoon, removed from overcrowded touristy destinations where there’s little to no privacy to be had. The same question then arises that plagues anyone planning a visit to one of the hundreds of scattered inhabited islands that this Mediterranean country boasts – how to pick the right one if apparently all of them possess some otherworldly beauty and charm that many of them claim to have. Simply put, you don’t have to opt for a single island for your honeymoon, as most of the islands are interconnected by frequent ferry lines.

Some of the islands are more accessible than others and more susceptible to the game of island hopping, which we’ll outline as we go over each destination on our list. While the nature of the topic had us overlook a whole myriad of exquisite chunks of land in Ionian, Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, it goes without saying that with a proper Greek Islands map, you could end up visiting more than a handful of them.


The Great Volcanic Island: A visit to Santorini Greece makes for a really unique honeymoon journey, mostly due to the fact that a great volcanic eruption from ages past has defined the identity of this island that belongs to the Cyclades. What all this entails is that you’ll able to explore towns sprawling along the caldera of the former volcano, such as Imerovigli, Firostefani, Fira, and Oia, each offering exquisite views of romantic sunsets with a side of white grape Assyrtiko wine. Red Beach and the cliffs behind are yet another consequence of the great eruption, while a trip to Nea Kameni takes you to the very heart of Santorini. The ruins of Akrotiri, an archeological site that is still well-preserved to this day, will open your eyes to the lives of prehistoric inhabitants of the island.

View from the Town of Oia on Santorini

Rich in Adventure: If watching the breathtaking sunsets from Oia while sipping wine is not really your thing, taking part in all of the exciting adventures on Santorini might be. Hiking across the island is no easy task, but a highly rewarding one as you’ll be able to get to some of the most amazing vistas imaginable. Head out Ammoudi Bay for an amazing cliff diving experience, or take a boat ride to Nea Kameni and climb the 130-meter high volcanic crater.

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Where to Stay: All the romantic little white-washed towns have great honeymoon suits, most popular of which seem to be Aspaki Santorini Luxury Hotel in Oia and Astra Suites in Imerovigli.

Nearby Islands: Crete, Ios, Folegandros, Naxos


The Largest of Greek Islands: There’s something different about Crete, which is exactly what you’ll hear from anyone who’s ever visited it. Greek Island honeymoon in Crete means you’ll probably be more interested in exploring the vastness of its breathtaking landscapes, rustic towns and some of the most beautiful beaches than just sitting in one place doing nothing. In fact, two of the beaches in Crete, Balos and Elaphonisi, have made an appearance on a list of 25 most beautiful beaches of the world. Chania has long been regarded as honeymoon heaven, with an airport to boost making it an easy spot to get to. In the east, you’ll find Sitia and a world completely different from the rest of the island. The most romantic place of all is for you to discover, with our own personal favorite being the central and southern area of Crete, including Rethymno, Agia Galini with its terraced restaurants and the Cretan Woodstock called Matala.

The Town of Agia Galini and its Restaurants

Cradle of Minoans: The city of Heraklion is, besides being exotically beautiful, a cultural center of Crete. If you happen to be in the mood for a honeymoon tour of Venetian structures that have stood the test of time, all the while experiencing the ancient culture that was devastated by Santorini eruption, you’ll get your fill in Heraklion. Both the Archaeological Museum and Palace of Knossos are remarkably important reminders of Minoan civilization, so if you want to make your honeymoon trip about learning as well, this is the place to be.

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Where to Stay: The two most highly regarded hotels for couples on Crete are Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas in Elounda and Avli Lounge Apartments in Rethymno.

Nearby Islands: Santorini


Memories of Old: Rhodes has been garnering a lot of attention as a great honeymoon destination recently, with each new year bringing in more newlyweds. However, couples enjoy this island for many different reasons, mostly its remoteness, peace, and valuable historic monuments. While it’s quite understandable that such reasoning might not appeal to every couple, those just wanting to have some time off exploring and learning will have a blast here. Ruins of old dot the landscape of Rhodes, and knowledge-hungry newlyweds will gain the most from visiting Acropolis of Lindos, overlooking the white houses of the village of Lindos, quite a sight to behold! The old city in Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the largest old cities in Europe. Archaeological Museum of Rhodes and Museum of Contemporary Greek Art will enrich any visit to the island further.

The Town of Lindos on Rhodes

Nature Abound: Besides uncovering the history of Rhodes, you’ll find that it’s overflowing with spectacular natural beauty that’s perfect for enjoying with a significant other. The wooden bridges of Rodini Park will take your breath away with how charming and lovely they are, a great place to stand still and hold hands with your partner. Even more so, a visit to the lake of Seven Springs will surely make you feel more connected than ever.

Where to Stay: There’s one place that really stands out from the crowd as a top of the class honeymoon resort – Rodos Palace.

Nearby Islands: Symi, Kos, Kalymnos, Samos


Less Learning, More Relaxing: Unlike Rhodes or Crete which emphasize exploration and learning, Mykonos in an ideal honeymoon destination for the partygoing crowd. Known for excellent nightlife options, this island in the Aegean Sea mostly attracts honeymooners looking to eat, drink, and sleep. One of the most recommended venues is the Tropical Mykonos Club where you’ll be able to party your pants off, all the while sampling colorful cocktails all night long, right next to the beach. Little Venice is where you’ll find most of the bars and restaurants, and give local seafood a try if you can.

Bars and Restaurants in Little Venice, Mykonos

Recovering from Partying: When you’ve had your fill of the parties, or simply need to fight through a hangover, Mykonos will prove to be the most laidback town imaginable, with picturesque streets to wander through and beaches to relax at. Visit nearby Chora Windmills, or grab a bicycle and discover the many trails of the island. Any Greece travel should always include some exploration at least, which is possible here by catching a boat and setting off to nearby Delos.

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Where to Stay: Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge in the town of Mykonos should suit you just fine with plenty of pampering and luxury all around, while staying where all the nightlife is.

Nearby Islands: Naxos, Ios, Folegandros, Serifos


Cycladean Delicacies: Sifnos has largely gone unnoticed as a tourist destination, which naturally made it far more interesting in the eyes of couples looking to have a quiet, relaxing honeymoon. Not only will you be able to lay back at one of the clear, sandy beaches near Vathi and Kamares, but you’ll also have the opportunity to try a local delicacy. There are some great restaurants that serve divine seafood and other meals rich in flavor thanks to the lavish use of oregano. Some of the restaurants you shouldn’t skip while honeymoon planning are Drimoni, Kelari, and Omega3 (try to guess what it is they’re serving).

White Chrissopigi Monastery in Sifnos

Religious Tourism: Perfect places for newlyweds after a more solemn and spiritual journey through Sifnos are its beautiful, old churches and monasteries. There are more than 300 churches to visit, so depending on how long you plan on staying, you probably won’t have enough time to see all of them. Try at least to get to Monastery of Panagia Chrissopigi, the Church of Seven Martyrs and Monastery of Prophet Elias.

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Where to Stay: Elies Resort is a good option for the newly married couple. It’s not important where exactly you’re staying in Sifnos, and it might be more romantic to stay in some small cottage.

Nearby Islands: Milos, Serifos, Paros, Naxos


Caves and Crevices: Are you the kind of couple that never tires and plans on having an adventure packed Greek Island honeymoon? Then look no further than the island of Milos, a spectacular destination for explorers and adventure seekers. From the pirate cove known as Kleftiko to the Cave of Sykia, uncovering the secrets of Milos is a group effort and an excellent way to practice your co-op skills. Mind you, the most interesting caves and rock formations do require you to actually hire a boat as they’re otherwise inaccessible. Sykia is especially breathtaking, taking a form of a cauldron with you at the bottom of it in a small boat, gazing at the opening above. If you’ like to keep exploring the depths of the island, check out Catacombs of Milos dated back to the very first century AD.

Overlook at the Island of Milos

Beach Crawls: On the surface of Milos, you’ll find all the fun and relaxation you need at the beaches. Going on an exploratory beach crawl will reveal such incredible beaches, worthy of a real Greece honeymoon. Firopotamos Beach (again near a cave) is white sand heaven, perfect for taking in some rays and working on a tan, but be careful with the Greek sun if you travel during summer. Tsigrado and Paliochori Beaches are just as stunningly beautiful, so take your pick.

Where to Stay: Melian Boutique Hotel has a suite that’s just perfect for a young couple on a honeymoon, a quiet and luxurious paradise with a staggering sea view.

Nearby Islands: Ios, Folegandros, Serifos, Hydra


A Bit of Everything: One of the most contributing factors as to why Serifos is such a prominent destination for a honeymoon in Greece is the fact that it’s got a little bit of everything. Beaches, adorable white-washed towns, hiking trails, churches, unique restaurants, peace and quiet (or nightlife if you so desire). Serifos is the best if you want a little bit of everything, be it climbing atop the Cyclops Throne or following the famous Mining Trail. On the highest spot of the island, there is a breathtaking little church that makes use the ubiquitous Greek color pattern – white walls and blue doors! It’s called Church of Agios Konstantinos and is probably the most romantic place for a newlywed kiss, with hills, towns and the sea in the background.

Blue Gate and a White Serifos Church

Sandy Beaches: As we’ve already mentioned, there are a lot of gorgeous beaches on Serifos, most notable of them being Psili Ammos, Ganema, Livadaki, and Vagia.

Where to Stay: If you’re looking for a remote and adorable honeymoon suite with a sea view, check out Alexandros-Vassilia Hotel.

Nearby Islands: Mykonos, Naxos, Ios, Folegandros, Milos, Hydra


Gem of Ionian Sea: You might be a bit too late for the party of Canal d’Amour, considering the local saying that couples that swim here are soon going to get married. However, if you still haven’t proposed, this might be the perfect place to do it – make the story come true. Corfu also has a bit of everything for newlyweds, from great parties in the southern towns such as Kavos and Lefkimmi to more romantic and high cultured events of the city of Corfu or Kerkyra is it’s also called.

Corfu Fortress and Temple in Kerkyra

Capes and Beaches: Bordering the island are some of the most breathtaking vistas, from beaches such as Porto Timoni that require you to hike downhill, or Loggos Beach with towering cliffs watching your back. To the far north, Cape Drastis is the most romantic spot imaginable and you should add it to your itinerary.

Where to Stay: Bella Venezia Hotel in Corfu is the best place to stay for your honeymoon, especially considering you’ll be equidistant from every other place on the island.

Nearby Islands: Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos

Boiling down the overbearing number of Greek Islands to just a handful of them is no easy task. You see before you places that many other newlyweds have personally chosen to be their honeymoon destinations, but the story doesn’t end here. This is why we’ve provided you with several other options for you to consider, however, island hopping is always an option!

Where have you spent your honeymoon in Greece?