The Christmas holiday is here, and everybody is looking to have a new experience of the holidays. In the USA, traditions during Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties have made the country invest in numerous fun events and epic scenes.

There are many places in every State that people can visit to enjoy the Christian celebration of Christ’s birth. Christians share moments in churches. But everyone comes into a frenzy of experiencing the best moments during this season. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, here’s some of the best Christmas places to visit in the USA. Places where the Christmas experience is always a memory to take back home and a lovely time to share in the traditions of different cities.

Best places to visit for Christmas in USA : Washington

San Diego and Washington

San Diego and Washington have the longest lasting Christmas traditions, making it one of the best Christmas destinations in the USA. In line with these traditions, favorite magical spots in the city to enjoy the Christmas holidays with your loved ones. One of the most magical experiences during Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are lights.

In San Diego, the Bay Parade of Lights is a magical moment for people who love the crisp night air. With a 45 year history, this tradition is a favorite for the locals as well as people touring the city.

Most locals celebrate with their sailboats or yachts that have tinsel lights as they embark on a looping sail from Shelter Island to Coronado Ferry landing. The view can be witnessed offshore by those without vessels. And if you have a sea vessel, brace yourself for one of the magical rides of your life. For those watching, carry a foldable chair and a hot beverage, the trip is a sight to behold.

San Diego Parade of Lights is one of the best places in the USA to visit for Christmas

Lighting have been one of the most attractive sights during the holiday season. The Menorah Lighting by the University of Chabad along with Westfield UTC light up the most massive lighting. The set comes after Christmas Boxing Day and has entertainment and food for those attending.

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But this is not only in San Diego, other cities and even small towns in the USA also have similar lightings to mark the Christmas holiday experience.

McAdenville, a small town that changes its name to Christmas Town USA, is the one place where around 600,000 people flock every year to light a large 450,000 lights to mark the Christmas celebrations. As if that is not enough, there are close to 400 Christmas trees lined up to signal a winter stroll into the town on Christmas Eve.

This magical experience is suitable for families, friends or lovers who will enjoy a lighted up scenery and a winter stroll.

Christmas trees in district of McAdenville, North Carolina

New York City

Central Park is where families flock for the holidays, making it one of the best places in the USA to visit for Christmas. The central theme that marks Christmas in the park is Ice Skating. With the already cold weather and snowy outdoor, ice skating is a famous tradition for the people during Christmas holidays. The park offers a right spectacle of the New York Skyline as a backdrop, and making a truly picture perfect moment.

The Ice Skating is the third largest after the Bryant and the Rockefeller rinks. If you fancy ice skating, the Christmas holiday is vibrant with lots of skating activities at the Bryant Park too. The vast arena offers an incredible experience for the lovers of ice skating and those who wish to play the sport for the first time also.

Best places to visit for Christmas in USA : Ice skating in Central Park for the Christmas


For those who love less crowded national parks, the Rocky Mountain National park is one of the best Christmas destinations in the USA. The view is breathtaking, and the place is less populated at this time of the year. However, you will not miss anything. The wildlife is still active, and the sight of the snow on the trees is a sight to behold. The Snow comes in relation with the Christmas holiday for as long as it has been in the celebrations in the US.

The places where people enjoy the snowing landscape include the Grand Teton Park. A park that have lots of outdoor activities and a magical snowy mountainous landscape perfect for taking pictures.

To crown it all, the Coronado Snow Mountain has a coinciding festival that comes moments after Santa arrives via Ferry. The parade is a fusion of all types of fun. From art to live music and dance that makes the event one of the best Christmas places to visit in the USA.

Best places to visit for Christmas in USA : Coronado Christmas celebration - Santa arrives via Ferry


Making it in one of the best Christmas destinations in the USA is Georgetown. It comes alive during the December holidays when the city is lit by lights. Especially along the Wisconsin Avenue – famously referred to as the Georgetown Glow. The most productive activities over the holiday in this period of the year center on the eateries and restaurants. But, don’t forget the stores and galleries that have a superb shopping experience for everyone visiting the area.

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In contrast to this experience, there is an old-fashioned Christmas getaway to the south of Akron. Truly one of the best Christmas destinations in the USA, the historic Zoar Village. This village has the most traditional way of decorations for Christmas. Mainly featured by blacksmith crafted artifacts and the evergreen garland finishes. The place is an ideal spot for those who love antiques and crafted items to carry as souvenirs for the Christmas holiday.

As much as the Zoar village is old fashioned, its warmth attracts many people during Christmas. Unlike the usual low population days during other times. The locals there has a blacksmith and tinsmith fully operational plant that produces goods like in the 19th century.

History lovers will be particularly intrigued by the fact that the historical buildings in the town are not only authentic. There are also decorations in the ancient ways of the 19th century and Christmas is celebrated similarly.

Christmas trees with decoration lights in the Wisconsin Avenue, Georgetown

Final Line

The New Year’s party is the culmination of the Christmas holidays. Every state has a unique way to celebrate and spend the holiday. Most businesses and institutions go on breaks, letting people have time to travel to for new experiences each year.

Families come together for events during the long holiday. There are lots of destinations to visit as sampled above. It is practically impossible to exhaust these destinations.

And since it’s winter, you better have skiing in your list of to do things during this Holiday. Have a trip in Loveland Ski Area, Colorado, take a detour in Shanty Creek, the Goliath of the ski industry in Park City, Utah.