Although we don’t usually associate Boston with a booming nightlife, it is one of the hottest places to visit for an unforgettable nighttime experience! Amazingly diverse and culturally rich, this American city is anything but boring and monotonous after the sun goes down.

In fact, there are so many things to do in Boston at night that make it rather hard to pick just a handful. Seeing as we don’t have all the time in the world, let’s discover the top places and activities you shouldn’t miss.

1. Nightlife in Boston

Nightlife in Boston comes with a gift and a curse at the same time. On the plus side, people are wonderful and open but nightclubs close at 2 AM. That sounds rough. But, in reality, it’s much, much different.

Since Boston is ripe with college grads, educated citizens, and versatile urbane culture, people are one of the most potent nightlife attractions. That goes hand in hand with clubs, which are modern-looking, spacious, and offer a great choice of music. Actually, there are themed parties to suit each and every taste. Still, clubs that employ „top 40 lists“ remain the most popular.

Partying at Royale Club in Boston
© Royale Club Facebook

Some clubs you should check out:

  • Royale
  • The Estate
  • Tunnel
  • Bijou Nightclub & Lounge
  • Underbar

It may sound like a cliche, but clubs are always packed. The city center is built in such a way to offer easy transportation and movement from one venue to another.

People can easily move from a bar to an event and wind up in a nightclub. That’s why for most people clubbing comes as one of the greatest things to do in Boston at night.

Finally, Boston is an amazing place for finding young singles. Locals gather in bars, and it’s really hard to distinguish strangers and travelers. So, embrace the goodnight and mingle.

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2. Culture in Boston

However, maybe you aren’t the type of person to enjoy loud beats and body heat. Maybe, you have a totally different, and culturally-vibrant notion of fun.

That’s a good thing since Boston offers concerts, theaters, and even opera houses. The thing about this city is that it offers several luxurious locations for you to explore and experience the rich American culture.

Boston Opera House Theater

Whether you like listening to the greats like the Rolling Stones or Elton John or watching inspiring theater plays, there’s always a place you can visit and enjoy yourself.

However, what truly kicks Boston into another gear is a responsible and simple way to book tickets and events. Also, the City has been investing a lot in the last few years to bring these experiences to another level.

The places you should visit:

  • House of Blues
  • Fenway Park
  • Boston Opera House
  • Hatch Shell
  • Shakespeare on the Common

Just remember to check out the dates for all the events you are interested in. Make sure to book your seats and tickets earlier, since there’s a lot of interest in them.

The events are present throughout the whole year, so don’t worry if you miss anything. Additionally, there are other things for you to visit as well.

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3. Shows, Performances, and Comedy in Boston

Sure, clubbing is awesome but have you ever been to a comedy club in Boston?

Again, there are many things to do in Boston but nothing tops the creme de la creme of contemporary American comedy. Comedy clubs are, as their name implies, places where you can go and enjoy stand-up comedy acts. This month, some of the clubs are hosting Michael Blackson!

Audience at Laugh Boston
© Laugh Boston

In addition to comedy clubs, people in Boston could see the famous circus act Cirque de Soleil and even enjoy the „Miss Saigon“ a popular musical.

However, you have to be on the constant lookout for these events. They may be pushed further down in online searches due to other popular ventures taking place in like nightclubs, pubs, bars, and restaurants.

Places to visit:

  • Wilbur Theatre
  • Laugh Boston
  • Improv Asylum
  • Nick’s Comedy Stop
  • ImprovBoston

To top it all, these venues are amazing for meeting new people. Since it’s all laugh, jokes, and fun, you can expect to meet a lot of people from all walks of life. Give it a chance, before or after you grab something to it.

4. Pubs, Bars, and Restaurants in Boston

Regardless of traveling and activities, all travelers have to eat, drink and be merry. That’s why Boston pubs, bars, and restaurants are something to behold and experience.

Of course, before scavenging the menu and picking a few orders, prices could pose a major concern. If you go through online guides, you may read that Boston is expensive. Sure, it’s not the cheapest city in the USA but it’s just in the ballpark of acceptable.

Black Horse Tavern is a great night-out location

Boston bars are so special because they are a mixture of vintage design, sports madness, and great liquor. Whether you want to visit an old-school bar, or you want to drink a brew, eat chips and watch a game, there’s something for everyone. And, they are all in close proximity next to each other.

Places to visit:

  • Green Dragon Tavern
  • Bleacher Bar
  • Mr. Dooley’s Boston Tavern
  • Black Horse Tavern
  • Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill

When you are in Boston, every day is great for bar hopping. It’s a luxury that you should taste.

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5. Night Cruises around Boston

Finally, if Boston isn’t romantic enough after you’ve tried all the above, try night cruises.

Cruising in Boston at night

Take a moment to imagine it. You (and your partner possibly) on a chilly night, taking in the vista of the great city of Boston, seasoned with salty sea-air, enjoying the view. There, in the ocean’s serenity, you’ll get to experience another you.

Night cruises are a sort of luxury, where you can get to experience different content while on the open sea. Here, you should think about fine dining, special shows, and even mini-concerts. All cruisers come equipped with restaurants and bars. What’s more, you can even stay afloat for a few days, and check out Boston from a new angle.

Services to check out:

  • Odyssey Boston
  • Boston Harbor Cruises
  • Night Rider Charters of Boston
  • Spirit of Boston
  • Classic Harbor Line Boston

However, be wary of cruise prices. For most people, a cruise may be more expensive than a whole weekend out, with food, taxies, and drinks included. But, unlike bars, cruise isn’t something you get to experience every week. Well, that’s unless you are super-rich. However, if that’s not the case, keep it simple.

After all, there are many things to do in Boston at hight. When the sun goes down, the city becomes even more alive than during the day. Everything is based around a busy city center so give it a chance to explore it and experience it all. In the end, traveling to a new city or a country is all about experiencing the local culture. This is why you should book a trip today and get a taste of Boston.