When the cat’s away, will the mouse play? I’ve been having a conversation with one of my Portuguese buddies about fidelity and its chances of survival in Las Vegas, the official Sin City where every taste is catered to. The issue was that this friend’s partner already has a reputation for being a party animal, which made it hard enough for her to relax on a regular night out, but now her partner was planning to light up Las Vegas with the boys.

Do all men cheat if they go to Vegas without their girlfriend?

Both the city’s and her boyfriend’s reputations bothered her, so she was especially worried that he would cheat. To try and settle the matter, she took to Twitter and asked a simple question: “Do all men cheat if they go to Vegas without their girlfriend?”

Does Every Guy Become UnfaithfulYou can just imagine the kinds of responses she got. Among the crazy and the hurtful (she removed the tweet before long), these were some of the most common responses:

  • Misogynistic: Some men came back with the bitter suggestion that all women tended to be b*tches who deserved to be fooled, while men deserved to have a little fun.
  • Preachy: Some people suggested that “Love is about freedom. You should set your spouse completely free.”
  • Mirthful: Many didn’t quite take the question seriously. They just replied with “LOL.” This might betray a rather skeptical attitude to fidelity, but the vagueness of response leaves that open to discussion.

All right, so what’s my take on this?