Chilly winters aren’t exactly the perfect time to plan your next best beach vacation. Well, unless Florida is where you’re headed! That’s right. You can soak up the sun on some of the warmest beaches in Florida in December while leaving the icy weather far behind.

Florida is known for spectacular stretches of sand on the mainland, lively atmosphere, and most importantly, dozens of islands scattered around the sea. It is the southernmost country in the US which means it has glorious weather, even in December. December is also the right time to visit Florida because swarms of tourists flock there from mid-January so the prices will definitely go up by that time. Visiting in December is perfect for avoiding the peak season and all the cons it brings.

Just like with any other vacation, the beaches you’ll visit will depend on your preferences. In either case, you should head south because the temperatures are the most stable and pleasant.

1. Delnor Wiggins State Park Beach, Naples

White sand at Delnor Wiggins Beach in Florida

Naples is famous for fantastic white sand beaches and an array of world-class resorts. This beach city offers a wide range of exclusive and affordable accommodation as well as some high-end shopping opportunities. On top of that, it is ideal for families and couples alike while it also it makes for a great base to explore the wonders of Everglades. The average daily temperatures in Naples in December are around 77°F and Delnor Wiggins State Park Beach is the best place to go swimming and relaxing in the sun.

2. Crescent Beach, Fort Myers

Sunset at Crescent Beach

Just a little up north from Naples and you’ll find yourself in lovely Fort Myers, known for great nightlife and daytime fun. This spacious beach is ideal for family activities and exploration. If you have a four-wheeler, you can easily drive it all the way to the water because the sand is hard and suitable for bikes and other rides. Water temperature is around 80.6°F and out of the water, even higher, around 86°F which makes this beach one of the warmest in Florida in December.

3. Tigertail Beach Park, Marco Island

As the largest of Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands, Marco Island presents December visitors with a combination of adventure, relaxation and stunning beaches. Tigertail Beach Park is certainly the finest example of this extraordinary beauty. This beach park is vast and presents nature lovers with a unique opportunity to enjoy the watch falcons, pelicans, and many other birds in their natural habitat. In order to get the most out of this beach, you should head across the lagoons until you reach the perfect seclusion of the beaches tides form from time to time. Daily highs range around 79°F so you should have a lot of sun and pleasant weather.

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4. Juno Beach Park, Juno Beach

In case you’re after a photogenic backdrop of unspoiled coastline, Juno Beach is the place to go. Florida is famous for year-round sunshine and Juno Beach is no exception as the temperatures stay around mid-70’s. This beach town is a tropical paradise and Juno Beach Park is its finest representative. Apart from the extraordinary beach, you’ll find lots of free parking lots, showers, and other amenities while also shouldn’t miss a walk down the pier which offers a splendid view of the surrounding area.

5. Smathers Beach, Key West

Sunset at Smathers Beach

This half-a-mile slice of heaven eagerly awaits all beach lovers as one of the warmest beaches in Florida in December. Located in Key West along the Atlantic Ocean, this is the largest public beach in the area. Peaceful and clean, it offers plenty of shade, amenities, and activities, including Jet Ski rentals and volleyball courts. December in Key West usually sees low humidity and lots of sunny days with highs in the upper 70’s.

6. Fort Zachary Taylor Beach, Key West

Aerial view of Fort Taylor beach

There’s a good reason why many sun worshippers say this is the best beach in Key West. Not only will nature-lovers be thrilled to discover amazing underwater habitats but they’ll also enjoy an abundance of flora and fauna back on the shore. Profound history connecting Fort Taylor to the remnants of the Civil War also presents visitors with a unique chance to travel back in time and witness the largest cache of Civil War armament in the world. Although the temperatures can climb up to 80°F, nights can get chilly. The sea also tends to cool off rather quickly so you should get a suit if you’re planning to go snorkeling for an hour or more.

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7. Bowman’s Beach, Sanibel Island

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet on your Florida vacation, you should definitely check Bowman’s beach. Located on the dreamy Sanibel island, this is one of the alabaster-white beaches this island is famous for. You can light a barbeque, enjoy your refreshment on a picnic table, or take a relaxing stroll down the nature paths if the sun gets too scorching on the beach. Although temperatures are high (around 80°F), you can expect variations with slight drops, especially after the sun sets down.

8. Deerfield Beach, Broward

Beautiful day at Deerfield beach in Florida

Yet another tranquil and sophisticated stretch of coast awaits beach lovers right in the heart of South Florida. The shimmering turquoise sea and pristine sand earned this beach a ‘Blue Wave’ award, meaning you can expect impeccable cleanliness and untarnished natural setting. It’s impossible to be bored in Deerfield beach because the nearby attractions, such as Deerfield Beach Arboretum, Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge, and Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, offer a one-of-a-kind experience. You can also enjoy wakeboarding, surfing and skiing all the while the weather stays warm, at around 78°F.

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9. Clearwater Beach, Pinellas

Bathers at Clearwater Beach in Florida

Just like the name promises, you’ll find perfectly clear sea on this beach in Pinellas, just 20 minutes from Tampa. Not only is it one of the most family-friendly beaches around but it also boasts numerous attractions, such as the Marine Aquarium. The sand is as white as it gets while the shallows present a perfect playground for the youngsters. The beach is well-organized with lots of bars and restaurants. As far as the weather is concerned, you can expect slight fluctuations but the temperatures will most likely hit the upper 70’s.

10. Oceanfront Park Beach, Boynton Beach

Entrance to the Oceanfront Park Beach

This beautiful beach on North Ocean Boulevard in Boynton Beach offers a wide range of amenities and vast sandy spaces to explore. The beach is well-equipped and well-maintained, with parasols and sun-beds to rent. Average sea temperatures in Oceanfront Park Beach are around 76°F, which means you’ll have the chance to enjoy a relaxing swim.

So, lose those mittens and scarves and grab a pair of flip-flops and sunscreen because Florida has some of the warmest beaches you can visit in December.