If you reading this you have joined or are seeking to join a very small population of couples who love to travel together.  

You and your beau have saved money, working hard.  Perhaps this plan has been in the works for years and you finally have the opportunity to take the traveling trip of a lifetime. With these 10 failproof ways for couples to enjoy traveling, this trip will be awesome! Why not spend it with your favourite person? Now that you have worked out the details of where to go, how to get there, and how much money you will need, you’re ready to go.  Before you head out, or if you’re already on your journey, read these tips to keep your relationship awesome!

1. Go Somewhere That You Both Want To Go

Although this statement seems painfully obvious, we put it on #1 because it is so important. It is an easy tip to overlook. Think about it.

Both of you have spent so much time, resources, and effort to be able to pull this thing off, it’s not easy to do.  You have your specific places where you want to go to.  At the same time, you should realize that there are so many places in the world where both of you will be happy, go there!  Traveling can be difficult sometimes with so many factors changing, if both of you are happy then everything will be fun.

Peaceful Travel Destination for Couples

2. Are You Committed?

It takes a certain level of commitment to travel far with someone.  Especially if you go outside of culture similar to yours, then it’s even more important. Make sure that your travel partner is also a strong relationship partner. Traveling can put a strain on the strongest of relationships.

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If you don’t have a strong one, your journey could be but the test in a way that you were not hoping for. Take a shorter trip if you just met; somewhere where you speak the language and won’t experience a culture shock as a warm-up. If you’re strong, you’ll have a great time! Nothing is better than a solid traveling partner, someone who will support you and have a blast with you. You’ll need someone committed enough to read these 10 failproof ways for couples to enjoy traveling!

Couple Holding Hands on their Vacation

3. Discuss Habits and Annoyances

Do you chew with your mouth open? Does your partner hate that? Like to drink coffee in the morning before talking? Have you made this clear, that you become human after a cup o’ joe?

These things may seem trivial because they are. However, even the most trivial thing can blow up when couples are together 24/7. Make sure you have a good talk with your love before you go, may things clear. Be understanding, patient, and accommodating. You’ll be prepared for the best and lesser qualities of each other.

4. Decide Roles and Responsibilities

Avoid problems from the get-go. Are you a self-proclaimed cartographer? Can you steer a ship in the dead of night using the north star?

Perhaps you should be in charge of finding maps and places and leading the way. Maybe your partner is good at doing the math on the fly calculating currency conversions. It doesn’t matter what you’re good or bad at, but delegate tasks! Keep #4 in mind during the trip, you may be surprised that your partner is good at negotiating deals. You can delegate as you go along as well.

Couple Looking at the Map, Exploring

5. Don’t Break Up During The Journey

This is related to #2. All relationships have their challenges. Yours is not immune. There will be some difficult times, but don’t leave each other alone in a foreign country.

If this gets rough and rocky, work some breaks into the day. Do something on your own for a short period of time, give each other space. Listen to your partner. Part of what makes traveling so great is that it forces you to faces your problems head-on which is why we concocted this list of 10 failproof ways for couples to enjoy traveling.

A Young Couple Arguing on the Beach

6. Leave Time To Chill

Many people try to do, see, and experience as much as they can. This is normal, long trips are not the norm and travellers want to get as much as possible out of their trip.

Remember that you’re traveling with your beau because it’s important that you spend quality time with each other. Give yourselves space for romance. Chances are there will be some beach or a spa that you can go to. Treat yourself! Get a massage (or three). Enjoy each other.

A Couple Enjyoing Some Peace and Quiet

7. Laugh

Yes. You will encounter many stressful situations. Learn to laugh during difficult times, you’re on vacation after all!

You’ll be in countries where you don’t know the language or the culture, or the time schedule. You may have a desire to blame each other for getting lost or, God forbid, taking the wrong bus. Stick together and figure out problems as a team. Again, you’re on vacation. Keep a light-hearted approach to problems, and you’ll have a good time.

A Statue of a Happy Man Laughing

8. Be Considerate

We’re not splitting atoms here, but this is an important point.  Traveling can be hard in ways you didn’t expect. Be thoughtful about your partner, the same way you like to be treated.  

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Privacy can be hard to find, give your partner some. Buy their favourite drink without asking. It’s the little things.  Being considerate throughout your travel will be beneficial to you too, if your significant other notices this, they will be considerate back.

A Family on a Journey in their Car Arguing

9.  Don’t Be Stingy

You love your girlfriend/boyfriend,  so spend some money on them.  If your traveling in less developed countries, it will be inexpensive to treat your beau.  

Don’t turn travel finances into an accounting session.  If you’re paying your own way, that’s great! Splitting airline tickets makes sense, splitting a $1.15 tab doesn’t make sense. Treat each other well, and the travels will treat you well!

A Delicious Colourful Meal for a Couple

10.  Share A Journal and Pictures

Time flies when you’re having fun.  Both of you will be having the time of your lives!  And unlike in your regular lives, most of the time you will be focused on the present.

A Travel Journal for Storing Memories

This is a fantastic way of life.  Ensure that you remember the trip by writing down notes and taking some pictures.  Both of these will keep the feelings and memories alive. An unforgettable trip made even more unforgettable.

Traveling gives you the opportunity for growth. Traveling allows your relationship to grow and for the couple to become closer.  

It will be one of the more memorable things that you have ever done together.  How exciting! You will learn so much about yourself, your partner, and the world.  Keep the tips we have written here in mind so you make the most of your trip.  As always, please post any thoughts you may have in the comments below.