In the market for new luggage? Whether it is your first one or you simply need to replace a battered travelling companion, it helps to know the best place to buy luggage. There are so many luggage travel stores online that it can take a while to identify the best places to buy. Therefore, a curated list of the best place to buy luggage will certainly come in handy – and we’ve got the shortlist of where you can get great deals, reputable brands, and other travel gear that will meet the most stringent quality standards.


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Knowing Your Wants and Needs

While this list is a great reference of luggage stores that carry the best products, it is first important to know what your luggage specifications are. This will vary from person to person, which is the reason why buying luggage is a very personal thing. The plethora of bags at your disposal can be time-consuming, so knowing what you require in your luggage will help weed out the ones that won’t serve you well.

Having said that, here are the top luggage stores that will have all the best choices for your luggage requirements!

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It might seem like we’re stating the obvious, but Amazon isn’t an online shopping superstore for nothing – and this includes an impressive selection of high quality luggage brands (Kenneth Cole, Eagle Creek, Briggs Riley, among others) that you can check out. Amazon makes it to the list of the best luggage stores because shopping is a breeze. The buyer reviewers help confirm if the product is good, easy returns policy, frequent free shipping options and promotions, and so much more. There is also a handy Carry-On Guide that will help you avoid paying for excess luggage fees at the airport, as well as info on 24 airlines’ size restrictions when it comes to luggage.

Filtering your options is also easy because you can shop according to category, with the ability to narrow your search based on favorite brands, material, color and budget, among others. The site also has a travel accessories section so you can easily pair your intended purchase with must-haves such as garment bags and others.


Overstock is a great place to browse luggage options that don’t always have to fit the “suitcase-looking” category. The longer you browse the site, the more you’ll realize how they have a number of versions of a particular style of luggage – all at varying price points for everyone. You can choose from basic business cases, chic and roomy Longchamp weekend bags, duffels for short staycations, backpacks for roughing it (perfect for your next adventure in South East Asia!) and many more. Your luggage options don’t always have to be the kind that can fit enough items for a week’s stay at an exotic locale; there are also fantastic selections that will be great for short trips within the state. Overstock also carriers a sizeable collection of luggage travel accessories, with prices starting at $8 and standard free shipping if you reach at least $45.

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A trip to Walmart brings to mind anything from home decors to fishing gear, and within those categories rest a really good luggage department! Walmart’s Luggage and Travel department is known for affordable and reliable American brands like American Tourister, Rockland, and more. The site is also user friendly and allows you to view your chosen items according to category (ex. rolling duffel or spinner luggage) and filters. Customers enjoy the Special Offers filter – a quick way to check out clearance and reduced price options if you want to get a really good deal. Walmart also offers free two-day shipping for orders that are $35 or more, free pickup in-store for some items, and easy options returns.

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While many luggage aficionados flock to Nordstrom for time-tested brands like Tumi and Bric’s, the store also has great selections under their in-house brand that’s worth checking out. The designs are contemporary, urbane, and starts out at reasonable prices. Nordstrom offers free shipping for most items in the United States, Hawaii and Alaska.

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Specializing in both backpacks and luggage, eBags enjoys the patronage of customers all over the world with over 32 million bags shipped to international destinations. EBags is a mecca for both international brands like Victorinox or Samsonite as well as brands that are exclusive to the site. Finding your perfect match is easy with a convenient size grouping of the products, with further narrowing down to additional categories like kids, designer, lightweight, and others. Those who love a good deal should frequently visit the Steals of the Day page, which is an active list of items that are in limited quantity. eBags also has nifty promos such as GiveBackBox, which rewards you with $25 vouchers if you donate your old but still usable luggage and luggage accessories to those who can still use it. What’s more, there is an app that you can use to register luggage tags you buy off the site; this will allow you to find your bag should it become lost in transit.


Away is that attention-grabbing luggage you’ve seen on influencer pages that makes you feel like you must definitely own one. It’s a fast-rising brand in the luggage industry, and with good reason. First, the style factor is unparalleled for a non-designer brand. They’ve got limited edition collaborations that sell like hotcakes, and the interior storage options re practical must-haves that don’t scrimp on style. Second, that exterior charging dock is a genius addition and really does come in handy – especially if you find yourself stuck in an airport that doesn’t offer sockets or charging stations for your phone and other gadgets. And finally, the brand’s lifetime guarantee is all the assurance you’ll need to trust in a brand that has 100% confidence in the beauty and quality of the items they sell.

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Zazzle is known for personalizing goods so they reflect your personality. Everything from wedding invitations to mobile phone cases, even luggage! While there is only one basic suitcase design you can avail of (a hard-shelled, wheeled suitcase that comes in three sizes), the possibilities for customizing it are almost endless. You can choose the color, patterns, and even logos that will be used in the creation of your personalized luggage at Zazzle, ensuring that even something as simple as luggage can already be a work of art. Where else can you put your name or photos on your suitcase? And if you’re not into super-personalization, Zazzle also offers themed licensed luggage with well-known loved characters like My Little Pony and the like.

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These seven stores for the best luggage options should definitely be a good starting point in your search for the right suitcase. Take note of the different styles that you like and pin your best options against each other. You can then narrow down close contenders through additional features that you can scrutinize until you finally decide on the best one. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself enjoying the process, and we won’t blame you if you end up purchasing two luggage options from the amazing choices that these brands and stores carry!