Black Friday Hotel Deals

These hotel-centered tips for Black Friday promo offers will make for a far more enjoyable staycation:

Mind your headcount. If you find some really good Black Friday online deals for hotel stays, see if the Black Friday promo has a limit on headcount. If you’re a family of five and the deal is only for one queen-sized bed or two tickets to the breakfast buffet, you might have to shell out for additional beds or extra for the following day’s breakfast. But if the Black Friday hotel sales offer deep discounts, you can also consider getting two rooms for the whole family!

Time it on a special occasion. Usually, Black Friday hotel sales offer booking opportunities from six months to a whole year in advance. This is a good way to find Black Friday online deals on special occasions such your birthday, wedding anniversary, or any other date that’s meaningful to you. With the savings that you make, you can certainly afford to splurge on other areas of your special celebration.

Consider day before or after special occasions. Scoring top Black Friday deals for Valentines, Christmas or New Year (among others) is extremely tough, what with so many customers battling it out. You’d also be lucky to find accommodations offering deep discounts on what is considered as the top sellable dates in a year. Consider making Black Friday hotel booking deals few days before or after these occasions, if this is okay with you, in order to take advantage of the biggest Black Friday deals for hotel staycations.

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While you’re at it, make sure to check travel tips for the country or city you’ve booked a hotel in to make the most of your stay. Enjoying hotel amenities is surely part of the vacation experience, but getting out there and trying out the best that the locale has to offer will make it a far more memorable one.

Best hotel Black Friday deals with tips

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