Is it Safe to Travel to Bangkok Right Now?

Following multiple protests that have shaken the political climate in Bangkok and led the government to declare a 2-month State of Emergency starting january 21st 2014, many tourists have been avoiding the city and sometimes the whole country of Thailand.

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bangkok travel is it safe or dangerousOnce again, foreign press proves to be a nuisance and feed people fears and other nonsense.

While it is true that the city is in State of Emergency, there is no curfew and life has been going on as usual for the residents of Bangkok. Myself, living here at the moment, I have been rarely bothered by the protests: they are located at specific spots in the city and you can chose to avoid them quite easily.

Some protests marches have led to traffic jams but Bangkok is already infamous for its bad traffic, so not much change here.

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Sure there have been a few deaths and injuries since the protests have started but have a look at this statistic:

Number of Deaths linked to protests so far (3 months period): 10

Official Death Toll during new year holidays  in Thailand (7 days period): 366

There is still more chance to be in a car accident in Thailand than it is to be hurt during those protests, especially if you avoid the few hot spots: and those are usually away of tourist attractions.

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So if you’re thinking about canceling your trip to Thailand, don’t! Bangkok is still very much safe and if you really want to play it extra cautious there are still plenty of places in Thailand worth visiting!

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