#2 – Choose Your Seat for Comfort and Views

Part of the reason for taking a bus is to be able to see the country’s landscapes and smaller towns and villages. Having a window seat and nice view makes all the difference. When buying your ticket, ask the attendant if they have your preferred seat available.

Many bus companies offer a variety of seating options. The cheapest option will be your average bus seat. A slightly more expensive seat is what’s known as “semi-cama” (cama meaning bed in Spanish) which means you’ll be able to recline slightly more and have space to rest your feet. The best and most expensive option is known as “cama” where you can recline to a comfortable position, almost as if you were lying in a bed. These seats are often much wider as offer the best chance of sleeping. They typically come with a personal entertainment system and free Wi-Fi on board.

Consider the distance you’re traveling and time of day and book your seat accordingly.

Passenger view inside the bus
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# 3- Layer up for All Temperatures

Prepare for all temperature ranges in the bus. The air conditioning units are typically blasting regardless of the temperatures outdoors. Dress in layers. Wear long pants. Zip-off pants preferably where you can transform them into shorts and are adaptable for any temperature. Wear real shoes with socks and a warm jacket. Better yet, bring a blanket with you.

Some buses will offer blankets. If that is the case, take it, it’s probably a good sign of what’s to come.