#7 – Travel with Local Currency

For your long haul bus trips, be prepared with cash and in the local currency. If you’re traveling to a different country, try and have the local currency of that country as well

Carrying cash will help you buy food along the way, as most places don’t take credit cards. Using public bathrooms at stops along the way, also require payment in cash. By having enough local currency for a couple of meals and transportation for when you arrive, you’ll avoid the “is there an ATM” headache.

Yellow bus on terminal
Authentic Food Quest

#8 – Plan for Your Own Entertainment

Don’t expect to have internet connection on the buses. Even the ones that claim they have one, the service is often shoddy at best. Prepare for your trip some form of entertainment. Whether it’s games, music, podcasts or books, it’s nice to have a variety to choose from.

#9 Charge up All Your Electronics Before Your Trip

There’s nothing more disappointing than getting on a long bus ride only to find that your smartphone or Kindle are just minutes away from powering down. You may also want your to keep your camera powered up as the scenery along the way can be pretty spectacular.

Check all your electronics before leaving, so they’ll be ready for that moment when you just don’t feel like chatting with seat mate anymore.