I always ask my friends about their travel experience and photos but one thing sometimes disappoint me about their pics. I have lots of very sweet couples but they just don’t know how to get Best Photogenic and romantic Poses during their travel or honeymoon at beautiful destinations.

We all know that not everyone is a professional photographer but still everyone can get at least some amount of professional skills to make your travel experience memorable. You do not need to do any course for that. All you need to do is little practice for best poses by viewing and reading. So here we go.

Best Couple Poses Ideas and some Tips

1. The most common and out-fashioned close-up is when you start staring at the camera like a zombie. Catch intimate close-up portraits by looking at each other instead of the camera. It is all about you, not the camera.

2. Get your pics somewhere close to nature like a waterfall, Breeze, Snowfall and again do not look stiff or posed. Just feel the romance of nature.

3. If you or your spouse is getting nervous tell him or her to remember and act the way you met the first time.

4. Couple portrait photography is all about closeness so sure to be very close to each other to convey that you are a couple.

5. Always try to take action shots and capture fun. Just ask your spouse to do or say silly things. You aim should to get natural laughs and giggles.

6. Body language is an important factor for the couple photos. Ensure the hips are turned into toward each other and the pose convey your love.

7. You have tried to take the best romantic poses but it didn’t work. Okay, do not get panic. Just play your or her favorite music and try once again.

8. If still you are not getting best poses then just change the location and keep the Digital SLR camera at least.

9. If you are a curvier couples do not shoot yourself from low down angles or facing straight on towards the camera.

10. Stylized photo shoots have become very popular. Use props, coordinate outfits and the destination to portray a theme (as I mentioned above) such as a nautical beach, waterfalls, Desert, forest, national park, old archaeological sites, or something like Saturday at the local fair-trade market. Try a mixture of posed and natural shots to create a varied set of images.

Here are few best poses from my friends. Let’s have a look…

Couple photo Romantic couple Cute couple Best Poses Ideas for Couples Couple making heart shape with hands Couple sitting on bench

Happy couple watching in camera Smiling Couple Smiling couple in love

Couple standing near a tree Couple with glasses Couple with sunglasses near the wall Romantic couple image Cute couple near each other Young smiling couple on the sun

Couple sitting on wall kissing

Couple kiss Couple Hugging pose Smiling couple pose Couple in front of house Romantic couple hug image pose