Our Planet Earth is a green house of countless floras and some of them become man’s best friend such as Rose and lily. Talk about floras, I have post top 10 best flowers in this world that I really like to share with you. If all these 10 most beautiful flowers are not your favorite, I welcome you to use comment section to share your beautiful flower choices with us.

1. Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom is first among the beautiful flowers. Cherry blossom is flower of any of several trees of genus Prunus, particularly the Japanese Cherry, Prunus serrulata, which is sometimes called sakura. The festival of Cherry Blossom is celebrated in US and JAPAN. Most of Cherry Blossom is white or pink. Cherry Blossom flowers are attached to a tall tree. On a fall season, the Cherry blossom trees show magnificent views.

Cherry Blossom

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