Europe’s Best Airline 2011-2016 and 18th best airline in the world in 2018 according to Skytrax rating, Turkish Airlines still raises the question of safety. The 2009 crash and incidents that happened in recent years, terrorist attack included, were bound to make potential passengers wary of the safety concerns that involve air travel with this company. However, Turkish Airlines is considered to be Turkey’s most valuable brand. The company has been climbing the ranks steadily thanks to their great appreciation of customer feedback and the desire to provide the best possible service.

116 countries on the airline’s route network make Turkish Airlines the number one in the world in this regard. Moreover, 290+ destinations place it at the 4th spot globally. And the opening of the third Istanbul Airport in 2018, considered to be the largest airport in the world, has put Turkish Airlines on the map once again. With such a huge increase in the number of passengers, one can freely conclude that Turkish Airlines has deserved to be considered safe to fly with. But, if you need more information on this matter, keep on reading.

Turkish Airlines logo on the wing of a plane

Is Turkish Airlines safe

It’s true that Turkish Airlines has had several incidents in the past. Due to the fatality in 2009, the company’s been given a 6/7 in airline safety ratings. However, this number also means that they have been working hard in order to improve overall safety.

Turkish Airlines crash record

Turkish Airlines crash record dates back to 1959. Since 1971, more than 500 people lost their lives on Turkish Airlines flights. The worst accident happened in 1974 when the plane crashed over France resulting in the loss of 346 lives. The last incident happened in January 2017; the plane operated for Turkish Airlines under wet lease from ACT Airlines crashed in the residential area. This resulted in 4 deceased crew members and 35 people on the ground. Turkish Airlines released a statement claiming neither the crew nor plane belonged to them. The company described this as an ACT lines accident. More information on significant crash events can be found on this link.

Turkish Airlines safety record

The above-mentioned data will always be a part of this airline company’s history. However, Turkish Airlines safety record also shows a considerable increase in both safety and security. Smart network planning, which involves a shift to stronger markets, together with a workforce boost, are some of the main reasons that allowed Turkish Airlines a great comeback. Not to mention that improved regional security didn’t only benefit Turkish Airlines, but Emirates of Dubai, Etihad of Abu Dhabi and Qatar Airways as well.

Istanbul requires three screenings before the flight takes place, while cars are also checked before entering the airport premises. Travel safety has proved to be of immense importance for Turkish Airlines as well. In order to make sure all the passengers can easily understand the rules of flying, the company decided to use The Lego Movie characters and explain the usually boring instructions with a fun, engaging and educational video.

Turkish airlines plane at the airport

Turkish Airlines reviews and feedback

However, the most promising aspect of the safety record when this company is concerned is undoubtedly the positive customer feedback. It’s simple enough to check out Trip Advisor in order to see the overall satisfaction with the customer service and airline safety. Reviews show that major security issues have been properly resolved with an added accent on the great price-performance ratio.

The top comment on the matter of safety reads as follows:

I flew Turkish Airlines last month from Zurich to Istanbul and after my vacation from Istanbul to New York. I also flew them four years ago. They are by far my favorite airline. The planes are modern and the staff fabulous. The service on board, this is economy, is outstanding compared to any US airline. You should have no concerns.

As for the airport, they have definitely increased security after the terrorist attack. If you are entering, you will be screened before you can even get to the check-in area. There will be more security to get to the gates; and if you are going to locations, like the US, there will be another security check at the gate before you get on the plane.

A more in-depth review of Turkish Airlines flight, with focus on pilot efficiency, customer service, professionalism, the look and comfort of the cabins, ticket price, on-boarding catering service, and price to quality ratio, can be found here.

Turkey and Turkish Airlines

It’s important to mention that there’s also a different kind of safety concern for people who want to travel to Turkey and people who want to travel via Turkish Airlines. Obviously, the main red flag for customers still has everything to do with the political situation in Turkey; the terrorist attacks in Istanbul, failed coup d’état and temporary flight ban from Istanbul to the USA in 2016. But, since the events of 2016, no major political incidents happened in Turkey. While it’s understandable for people to still have their worries, there’s definitely no reason for serious concern when it comes to Turkish Airlines. As mentioned, airport security is tighter than ever before, with the overall service and experience taken up a notch as well.

Benefits of choosing Turkish Airlines

When all is said and done, the truth is that Turkish Airlines is one of the most effective carrier providers in the world. For starters, it offers an amazing selection of international destinations. It’s known for its amazing Business Class products and exemplary economy. There’s also a range of unique amenities that are hard to find among other airlines. And all that comes at a bargain price. This is precisely why Turkish Airlines remains one of the top choices for flying the world today. The company provides superb passenger experience, both on the ground and in the air, while the convenient Istanbul hub location on the Europe/Asia border allows for more effective flights timing and faster flight lengths in general.

Safe flight with Turkish Airlines plane

The bottom line

Essentially, one cannot make any definitive statements when it comes to proclaiming that no accident is ever going to happen with Turkish Airlines. However, the undeniable truth is that one cannot claim such a thing for any airline in the world. So, is it safe to travel via Turkish Airlines or not? With everything taken into consideration, Turkish Airlines is a safe choice, especially with the improvements made in 2018. Not only that, but Turkish Airlines is the most popular choice that offers more to its customers than any other carrier in the world for a great price. Of course, just like other responsible airline companies, Turkish Airlines continuously work in order to boost their service and safety even more.

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The company has made the decision in the right direction, thus noting a huge turnover in the last year. All the changes prioritize the safety and satisfaction of the passengers above anything else. Valuing the customer feedback has successfully provided one of the most comfortable flying experiences on a global scale. Moreover, Turkish Airlines do their best to provide complete transparency and quick solutions to both their loyal and new customers by utilizing the convenience of digital information. Whatever it is that you would like to learn about traveling via Turkish Airlines is easily accessible through their website. This is all thanks to the detailed FAQs page and simple interface to help you find everything that interests you quickly and painlessly.